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Looking for volunteers

Want to join us in making a difference?

BonZeb is looking for a few new board members. We would like to find someone with a background in fundraising, someone with an interest in the environment and someone whose passion is for the poor.

Last week I brought up the four basic fears that we all face during our lives. The first being the fear of rejection. This week, as we continue our search for a few volunteers. I would like to mention the second basic fear, the fear of failure.

We have all encounter this fear in some form or another. This is the fear that keeps us in our box -- never venturing out of our comfort zone, never really challenging ourselves. When I was young I seldom volunteered in class, even if I knew an answer, because of my fear of speaking publicly. It was not that I couldn't speak, but with my speech impediment, I was afraid of the reaction that would follow. What I came to realize was my fear was unfounded. I was afraid of not living up to what other people's expectations were for me. Not the expectation God had for me. The little fears about exams, grades, employment, etc. are all seeded in our fear of failure.

Too often we become jaded with the news from around the world. We feel that myriad issues facing the poor, the homeless, and those in need make any effort hopeless and doomed to fail. If you only knew that the news shows only a tiny fraction of what is really happening, and usually only the negatives, you would have every reason to think failure is imminent.

But the truth is that there is much good happening in Haiti. BonZeb has created dozens of jobs and generated scholarships for numerous students, from elementary school to graduate school. The local farming community benefits from hands on education and more from our team on the ground. A second farm has been established and more families are benefiting. These are all positives that do not get the air time that they deserve.

Remember, the fear of failure can cause the paralysis of analysis. We tend to overthink things. God asks us to trust in Him and take the first step, and then the second, and the third....

Please consider taking this journey with BonZeb. Share your knowledge, your insights, and your faith with us.

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