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Tom Stein

President and CEO

I have always had a desire to serve others. That desire led me to assist others where I could and lead when I was needed. I have been incredibly fortunate in my life to have had opportunities to experience some of the difficulties I see in the world every day, like going jobless and hungry. But this happens around the world every day. My desire to serve has guided my efforts in serving others in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Haiti over the years. With this servant spirit in my heart, I preside over BonZeb, where we are looking to make a difference in our world, starting with the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.


We believe that by focusing on empowering individuals through job creation, education and training, and community and small business development, we are going to make a substantial impact on their futures. Our world is made up of many important social inter-connections and if we strive to foster them positively, they will pay huge dividends - in love, care, and a better world.

BS in Business Administration

Masters in Education

Tom has 35 years in senior management in non-profits including the Archdiocese of Portland, The Haitian Project, and Haitian Educational Aid and Resources.  Tom also brings 10 years of experience owning and operating his own wholesale/retail business.  Tom’s international experience includes being president of service organizations in Mexico for 25 years and Haiti for 7 years.

Terry Register

Grants Facilitator

BA, Sociology

Nicky Besser



Nicky has experience in teaching, management, data collection, grant writing, budgeting,  program development and project management. She committed two years to working at a school in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti as a teacher, lead volunteer, and campus minister. During her time as a graduate student, she worked in development, gaining valuable experience in grant writing, fundraising, and program implementation. She is driven, passionate, and eager to work for justice on both the national and international levels. Because of her past experience in-country, Nicky has a particular interest in working to promote social and economic development in Haiti. 

David Stein



Program Manager at Daimler Trucks.

Jovenel Dubois


President Director General, Jedco, S.A. Haiti

Since 1994, Jovenel has worked for Jedco Services S.A. Upon the death of Jacques E. Dubois in 2001, Jovenel was elected C.E.O of Jedco Services S.A, the pioneer and leader in the sanitation and environmental business in Haiti.  Through Jedco he works with organizations ranging from NGOs to governmental agencies. Jovenel’s work on environmental issues earned him Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. Jovenel is dedicated to finding and promoting business men and women with great entrepreneurial minds and ideas throughout Haiti. 

Natacha Verly


BS, Management

Natacha has been an Operations Director for nonprofit organizations and has served as the Deputy Area Coordinator for Catholic Relief Services.  She is currently working as a consultant for, which has three projects currently underway in Haiti. She is a trained accountant and personnel manager. 

Daniel SteiN


Dan has worked with renewable wind operations, including repair and maintenance tasks since 2011. He holds an electronic engineering degree and has over fifteen years of customer support knowledge in the IT field, specializing in PC repair. 

Jay Williams


Jay has been in the electrical industry since 2004. Currently he is working on projects around the Pacific Northwest for an international electrical distribution company. 

Bobby Lansing


BS in Mechanical Engineering

MA in International Relations 

After 7.5 years in the US Air Force, Bobby brought his technical skills to the private sector. He is the Operations Manager for a small family business in Portland, Oregon where he manages IT and Analytics.

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