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Real Problem, Real Solution

Haiti is turning brown. The once verdant island nation is losing it's vegetation at an alarming rate. Nearly 98% of Haitian forest land has been leveled. The major cause of deforestation is charcoal production. Haiti has extremely limited access to modern energy services. Electricity is scarce and unreliable. As a result, over 85% of the energy used in Haiti is derived from wood and other biomass. In the largest city, Port-au Prince, 30% of family income is spent on charcoal. 

BonZeb is bringing an affordable and sustainable solution to Haiti. We have developed a low-tech method for processing native grasses, grown by local farmers into charcoal briquettes in Haiti.  BonZeb's process is almost totally human-powered and could lower the price of charcoal by up to 50%. And it will not exasperate deforestation. BonZeb is working with farmers, landowners, small business entrepreneurs and local communities to grow, manufacture, and sell cheaper, sustainable charcoal.

BonZeb has a solid plan to revolutionize the way Haitian people live by lowering the cost of fuel, creating skilled jobs, and eventually replanting Haiti's native forests.


Please look below and explore the history and progress of BonZeb, Inc.

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