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In Haiti, the power of the US dollar is waning.

US currency is not what it used to be. In August, a single US dollar was worth 118 Haitian Gourdes. This month a buck only gets you 60 Gourdes. It's great news for importers and those who are paid in Gourdes, their buying power is going up for the first time in a decade.  But it's not all great news. Half of the country keep their savings in US dollars, and those savings have lost tremendous value. Those who depend on remittances from relatives in the US are also suffering a sudden loss of income. Not to mention the fact banks have put tight restrictions on exchanges. A sudden price ricochet could further disrupt the economy. The crisis has put BonZeb in a precarious position. In the last month an a half, our payroll has nearly doubled. But you can help. To get us through the end of the year we need to raise an additional seven thousand dollars. This was an unexpected crunch, but we can make it through with a little help.

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