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BonZeb Updates and #GivingTuesday

During this season of gratitude, we at BonZeb would like to thank you for your past and present support and fill you in. Big things are happening as this year comes to a close.

First, BonZeb officially merged with Haitian Educational Aid and Resources (HEAR, inc.) at our September board meeting. This will allow BonZeb to offer Haitian students the opportunity to come to U.S. to pursue graduate degrees. But also expands the educational side of our mission. We will be able to work with schools, orphanages, and other NGOs to educate students in Haiti. Throughout the past year BonZeb and HEAR have built relationships with the Notre Dame Universities of Haiti, Concordia University in Portland, and the University of Portland. Second, we finally have the opportunity to purchase some acreage near our Thomonde farm to build a plant for processing our grass into charcoal. We have found a landowner who actually has the deed to their land and is willing to sell about 1.5 acres to BonZeb. This transaction will take place before Christmas if the travel plans can be arranged. If you would be interested in accompanying us on this mission trip, please let us know. We always like to take supporters along on these trips to see what we are doing and who we are serving. The trips usually cost around $1,500 for 7 days. Third, with the purchase of the land also come the next phase of operation and the new costs. We are hiring additional farmworkers, purchasing a crusher and mixer, drilling a new well, building of a new office, toilets, solar or wind power installation, wiring and electrical, building the kiln platform, and of course repairing and maintaining our current fields. The work is not cheap, but with your help we will be able to make it happen. That's why we want to inform you of our Giving Tuesday campaign.

Every year, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is Giving Tuesday. This year, GlobalGiving is giving out matching funds to projects that raise money toward their goals. Every dollar you give on Tuesday November 28, 2018 will mean additional donations from GlobalGiving. If you've never given to BonZeb before, or are interested in making a monthly donation, this is the time to do it.

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