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Impacting Individual Lives and the Broader Community

Every week we email our subscribers a new gofundme supporting an individual impacted by BonZeb's mission in Haiti. Some work on the BonZeb farm and some are BonZeb scholarship students, but all of them deserve a hand up in the world. Here are a few individuals featured in the last few months.

Francois Elize is one of our younger workers. He supports his wife, Yphonisr Prisma and his two children, Moyce and Kewandji, on the salary he makes for BonZeb.

Antoine Dukens is part of a team of young adults who work with us in Boucsantiste. He is learning skills in farming that help him provide for his family.

We would like to introduce you to Prisma Louisemene. Her three children are Herlange, Welson and Alando.

Barbenslo is trying to help his family with the income from working with BonZeb in Boucantiste.

Emmanuel Waner and his wife, Augustine Christina are raising their 7 children on his income from BonZeb. He is a dedicated father and husband and is a diligent worker.

Pericles Des is just one of the fifty-seven workers currently part of the BonZeb community in Boucantiste, Haiti. Along with their spouses and children, BonZeb now supports a community of nearly 270 individuals.

Mixed Institute la Spainiere in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti is located in one of the most treacherous neighborhoods in Port au Prince. The streets are controlled by local gang members, which makes it difficult for the locals to do anything. But yet, this small school with about 60 students continues to teach, feed and support the families who attend. This year they are asking for help to assist a few middle school students. Being in school keeps them out of the gangs, which is a win-win for Haiti.

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