• Tom Stein

January 2020 Trip, Day 9

Last morning in Haiti. Finally cooled off last night, after a rain shower came through. A pleasant 73° at 6am, on its way to 83° at departure time.

The noise in town began around 5:00 this morning and has not softened at all. More and more activity every minute. The team of missionaries that was here last night are gone, so mom and I have the place to ourselves once again.

Time for some coffee and then finish packing and off to our meeting at UNDH. Not sure what else we will do this morning. Lying here in bed is nice, but it won't be for long. It will be a long twenty-four hours before we are home.

How's the weather there?


Meeting with the president did not happen. But as usual in Haiti another meeting popped up. We are at Rebo again today to have another salade du chef, a caramel macchiato and met with Daniel from Sakala. He brought a friend Nancy. She is a freelance writer and does grant writing as well.


We arrived three hours early at the airport. Went quickly through the ticketing process and security only to arrive at the gate with both our departure tickets in my name.

So we had to go back and re-ticket mom so she could go home today. Back through security and back to the gate, where mom was scheduled for secondary screening, only to discover I had left a bag at security.

Back through security to retrieve the bag, and back through security with it. All three trips went through immigration as well. Back at the gate and one more time through security. We arrived at our seats and actually found a wall plug that was working. Hopefully we will have a full charge by boarding time in 2 hours. At least I've stopped sweating. Well, until the gate area fills with 150 passengers in the 92 seats.


1:00 and our plane just arrived, so it looks like this leg will be on time. Praise the Lord.


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