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January 2020 Trip, Day 8

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Final full day in Haiti.

Wasn't able to reach Fr. Romel in Mirebalais, so we are taking it a bit slower over the mountains and enjoying the views.

Haiti is a beautiful country if you take the time and look. The same is true of its people. Too often we see only the negative, politics or economics, and we miss out on the true beauty of God's creation. Those we have encountered in the past ten days have been gracious, generous, hospitable, thankful, genuine, friendly, industrious, faith-filled and hopeful. They are also proud, God fearing, filled with passion, compassion, integrity, and fortitude. I am sure there are other words, even better words, to describe them. But it is enough to say we feel loved and loving.

I am sorry that I do not speak the language, for I am sure that I would learn even more and grow more in my own faith through those exchanges and conversations. May God be with His people and bless them in ways they cannot even imagine.



We made it back safely from the country and through the suburbs to Port-au-Prince.

Picked up coffee at Rebo. Both our bags are full at fifty pounds, so we have to pass on the ten pound bag of rice Anaxe wanted to send home for Natacha. We will have four carry-ons as it is. I thought we would have more space since we gave away everything from Concordia, and all the snack food. But it was not enough.

Our evening meetings got cancelled so we have had a few hours of just sitting and sweating. It was 91° when we arrived at noon. Now it's 82° and very humid. Going to be a long night. We are up and out at 8:30 tomorrow. Our appointment with the new president of UNDH is at 10:00. We'll have see how that goes. We need to be at the airport by 1:00. Flight is at 3:00 and is scheduled to be in at 7:30. Our connection is at 9:00 and we have to go through customs first. Might be a foot race. That's all I need before sitting for 7 hours. We are due into PDX at 12:42 am Thursday.

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