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January 2020 Trip, Day 3

What a day.

Started at 7:00 when my alarm went off to remind me of my weekly breakfast date with Don Jones and Tom Petke, which I missed again. Sorry guys. I'll make it on the 29th. I was glad it did. Breakfast is served at 7:15-ish. You need to attach an -ish to every scheduled event in Haiti. Tomorrow we have 3 meetings, but the times are all ish. Morningh-ish, afternoon-ish, evening-ish. Last night dinner was scheduled for 7:00, but arrived at quarter to 8. That's an ish.

Today breakfast consisted of fried eggs, boiled plantains, mango and coconut, liver and onions, tomato and cucumber salad, bread and rolls, plantains in two different ways in the same dish, and good old Haitian coffee and peanut butter.

Then we drove to Benico. First time for our driver. He handled it well. I'm not sure my spine did. The builder and his team were there with their supplies. They were ready to go, but needed to know what and where to start. We have the plans, dut discovered this was not the builder who sent the quote and the design. Surprise!! That's a big ish.

It took and hour or so of discussion and frustration -- not being able to open the plans on my phone or email or WhatsApp or messages or messenger -- but we figured it out. We just had to pick the spot, again. Didn't we do that in April? Yes, but all but one of the markers were gone. Eileen knew exactly which marker it was out of the 20-30 we placed. Not. But she came up with plan with the builder and we moved on to Boucantis and our farm.

The first thing I noticed was the large part of the farm had had a brush fire. Luckily it was an undeveloped area. About 100 acres I would guess. When we arrived at our fields, which have grown, and the congo bean field, which was much larger than I'd imagined. They've all been harvested, so we will try to bring some home. Our neighbor has congo field on our land down the valley got his crop in just before fire destroyed his field. Thank you Lord.

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