• Tom Stein

BonZeb Donors Make Education Possible

Thanks to everyone who donated items for our last supply shipment. We were able to distribute books and school supplies at several day cares and elementary schools.

In 2022, BonZeb is also funding scholarships and grants across Haiti. From the Cardinal Keeler Trade School in Gonaive to Notre Dame University in Hinche, BonZeb sponsors students in everything from plumbing to business to economics. Twelve secondary and university students in total have scholarships thanks to BonZeb donors, but it wont' stop there.

BonZeb is also distributing grants for preschool and elementary students. In Boucantiste where many farm workers send their children, El Shadai School received a grant to purchase books for the students. Another grant was given to Safe Kids Care School in Hinche to cover child care expenses.

January is just behind us and 2022 is shaping up to be the biggest year ever for BonZeb's mission of giving Haitian people a hand up through education.

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