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  • Tom Stein

Helping Hands Needed

I just got an email from Jovenel, a Haitian businessman and a member of the BonZeb board since the beginning. I knew he was in Florida for a back issue the past few weeks. He informed me this morning that it is for a treatment to correct a 28 degree thoracic curve in his spine. Unfortunately, insurance only cover surgeries, not spine correction programs. And he has incurred considerable medical expenses. Meanwhile the permanent strikes and protests in Haiti have cut all access to possible funds. Banks and financial institutions, hospitals, schools are all closed. He is reaching out to BonZeb in order to see if it is possible to obtain a loan of $3000 which will allow him to partially cover the remainder of the program. We just transferred the building funds to Unibank in Haiti last week and do not have that much in reserve here in the States. So far we've raised half of what we need. If any of you could make an emergency donation to BonZeb, I would like to help him with this request. Please let me know as soon as possible, so that I can inform him and help him relax a bit and heal properly. Please keep Jovenel and the entire country of Haiti in your prayers.

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