• Tom Stein

April Trip, Day Seven

t is once again time to say goodbye to Haiti. Things went pretty smoothly, and we only had to repack our bags four times to get the weight right for the trip home. Too many gifts for Natacha and Verly. We didn't have any room for rhum this trip. But I did get some nice Haitian and Cuban cigars.

We had a nice steak sandwich and frites for lunch. We checked in at a record pace. Then we hit the second check-in and things were a little slower. But we were all checked in and eating lunch by the time we thought we would arrive this morning. Thank you Lord. Palm Sunday is keeping many faithful in church this morning.

We saw them dressed in their finest, headed to worship the Lord. It started with loud music outside our window at 6:00am this morning and will continue all day. Eileen recognized one song but couldn't remember the words.

After lunch we went to our gate for another check in, but before we could finish the power went out along with the A/C. Now they are loading all the passengers for our flight into a space built for fifty fewer bodies, and they keep coming. It's always a full flight to JFK. The humidity is rising and won't dissipate for an hour after take off.

This has been a great week. Made a few new acquaintances, saw some old friends, enjoyed meals and prayers. We saw the growth of our farm and began solidifying plans at the factory site. We have had disruptions, delays, and minor setbacks, but everything led to a more rewarding experience. We look forward to visit another this summer and continued cooperation and collaboration with the universities, their students and their graduates.

As we always do we ask that you keep the Haitian people in your prayers.

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