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Leaving for Haiti

It was a hectic day of packing -- last minute packing, at least on my part -- and organizing transport to the airport for the team and a load of donations. We're doing something new this trip. We shrank wrapped all the donations and were able to fit 50lbs in each our bins. This trip has been more relaxed than in the past, probably due to having Nathan and Tricia going with us. We also have actual dates and times for most of our meetings.

Easy check in last night at JetBlue. They even gave us 5 checked bags for free. Lat time around, 10 parcels cost over $1000, so free is a true blessing. Maybe we should've taken more with us, but we didn't know they would treat us so well. Eileen says it's because I schmoozed for ten minutes with the crew. God blesses those who answer His call.

Leg two is done and we are safely in Fort Lauderdale. Now the final leg of the journey. Port au Prince tonight could be interesting as it is Carnival. I was talking with Nathan just now about returning to the island ten years later and preparing him for what lies ahead. They say that flying from Florida to Haiti only takes only takes 2 hours, but you arrive 100 years back in time. This isn't true for those of us with a mission heart. We see the smiles, we hear the music, and we enjoy the dance.

Once we arrive we need to clear customs and find our driver we don't know (yet) in a mass of bodies, and then squeeze 7 people, 10 bags and crates into a vehicle, which we have not seen, and hopefully settle in to our lodgings to prepare for a series meetings. Meetings are fluid in Haiti, so we will know tomorrow how today went and then adjust for the week. Keep the prayers and support coming.

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