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Hurricane Matthew Cleanup

Courtesy of NASA

The last few weeks we've been asked again and again "How can I help with Hurricane Matthew?" Cash donations are great, whether to the Red Cross or some other relief organization. But those donations only go so far. Disaster response teams are only in the country for a few weeks, but the need persists for months, even years. In response, BonZeb is filling a shipping container with relief supplies for Haiti. We are still setting up donation centers around Portland, but you can start collecting your donations. We need cleaning supplies, toiletries, clothing, disinfectants, non-perishable food, water purification tablets, and especially shoes. If you are not in Portland, or you would prefer to give more directly, charitable gifts to BonZeb are always tax deductible. Everything we collect in the next month will be shipped directly to the people who need them most. Thank you for your on going support, and if you'd like to get involved, feel free to email or contact us on the web.

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