April Trip, Day Seven

t is once again time to say goodbye to Haiti. Things went pretty smoothly, and we only had to repack our bags four times to get the weight right for the trip home. Too many gifts for Natacha and Verly. We didn't have any room for rhum this trip. But I did get some nice Haitian and Cuban cigars. We had a nice steak sandwich and frites for lunch. We checked in at a record pace. Then we hit the second check-in and things were a little slower. But we were all checked in and eating lunch by the time we thought we would arrive this morning. Thank you Lord. Palm Sunday is keeping many faithful in church this morning. We saw them dressed in their finest, headed to worship the Lord. It started with l

April Trip, Day Six

Today is a day of rest, and it comes not a minute too soon. This has been a very productive week, a very busy week, and a very challenging week. With the recent issues in Haiti playing a bigger part than usual. The lack of gas, the tension in the air, the feeling of being alone, especially here at M25 where there are usually dozens of missionaries headed to or from their ministries here. It is quiet and peaceful this morning. You can hear the birds. No dogs or roosters or even cars on the road out front. Fewer cars due to less gas. Fewer missionaries due to the political tension. The civil unrest is quiet now, but as Jovenel mentioned yesterday, it is just under the surface, and could explod

April Trip, Day Five

It's Friday night in Haiti. This little piece of Delmas 33 has some great church music. It's playing all around us. Looking at churches all on our travels over the island has been interesting. There are new churches on the road to Boucantis and Benico and along the highway to Thomonde and Hinche. Almost as many as the new gas stations. Churches with palm frond walls and plastic roofs, churches with high walls and facades, big doors or no doors, colorful red and white sheet metal walls and dirt floors. Last night, and again this morning, we shared a meal with two gentlemen from Indiana. They came from the Purdue Newman Center Parish to help put cement floors in homes in Titayen, where the New

April Trip, Day Four

Good night's sleep, but still tired and sore. Mom is doing well and preferred staying in bed this morning. We are the only guests once again, makes for a quiet breakfast. Pancakes and mango today. We are winding down a bit today. Bellegarde will be with us around nine o'clock this morning and we will meet with FanFan and his family for the first time. Then off to Rebo coffee and Leveque and a meeting with Mel Chery. Home by five o'clock for an interview with a scholarship candidate. Going to be 91° today, so another day of sweating. We've got in 40,000 steps so far in 3 days according my app. Mom hopes for a few less today. No more mountains to climb, but we will have at least one hill. Almo

April Trip, Day Three

Woke with peacocks and roosters this morning. The predawn serenade wasn't as bad as in the past, probably because we got eight hours of sleep. We had a breakfast of Haitian coffee with brown granulated sugar. Wonderful. Then a glass of a juice that no one could identify. But we were told to add sugar, delightful. Mary Poppins was right, 'a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. This was followed by a fried egg on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes. Followed by Haitian peanut butter and cheese and liver and onions. Rounded off with 3 glasses of ice water. What a feast. After breakfast, we set off to the farm to meet the workers and a four mile hike through the fields. We confirmed the locat

April Trip, Day Two

Well meeting number three did happen at 8:00 last night. Msgr showed up and we talked about the agreement of with University Portland and presented him with the gifts the university sent with me. The coffee, mug, and pin were received with much thankfulness. The meeting led to two more appointments this week. Today we will meet with the chancellor of the Bioscience school at NDUH Hinche and Thursday with a candidate for our scholarship at Concordia Portland. We had a good night's sleep. Could use another few hours, but morning is here and we are off to the land at 8:00. Please pray for another successful day and for my right leg. Woke this more with a terrible cramp. Hope to walk it off toda

April Trip, Day One

Step one complete. Roughest ride I've ever had. Three hours of terrible turbulence. Got lifted out of my seat at least times and that's no easy feat. Neck is sore, back is sore, head is sore and we are exhausted. 4:41 am Portland time and we are boarding our next flight. Port au Prince at 12:18 if all goes well. --- We made it. A quick walk through the airport, paid our entry fee, and our bags were waiting once we cleared customs. Our ride was also waiting, so we were at Matthew 25 about 15 minutes after our scheduled arrival. We were 30 minutes early on arrival, and because of the recent unrest there has been a drop in groups entering the country. Eileen and I have M25 to ourselves tonight

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