Hurricane Matthew Cleanup

The last few weeks we've been asked again and again "How can I help with Hurricane Matthew?" Cash donations are great, whether to the Red Cross or some other relief organization. But those donations only go so far. Disaster response teams are only in the country for a few weeks, but the need persists for months, even years. In response, BonZeb is filling a shipping container with relief supplies for Haiti. We are still setting up donation centers around Portland, but you can start collecting your donations. We need cleaning supplies, toiletries, clothing, disinfectants, non-perishable food, water purification tablets, and especially shoes. If you are not in Portland, or you would prefer

Recovering from Matthew

Hurricane Matthew left a tableau of devastation across southern Haiti, destroying houses, leaving villages under several feet of water and killing more than 800 people. ̶ The New York Times October 8th, 2016 Last week the Caribbean was slammed by Hurricane Matthew. Haiti was possibly hit the hardest. We were lucky. Bonzeb's staff live in Boucantis and Benico far from the storm's path. Everyone is safe, but they are still dealing with the heavy rains. The roads to the site in Thomonde are more dirt than anything in good weather. This week they are nigh impassible. Our agronomist, Fan-Fan Myriel, was able to check the fields. Everything looks good. Our small office was damaged, the plastic

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